Artist Statement


Don't take yourself too seriously. On the other hand: if you don't, nobody else will either.

What is the mission of an artist? Surely to communicate! If it is to make money: well, you might have to die first. But you can have the best fun before you do!

I am not a teacher, and have discovered that the best way for me to learn and remember something is by doing, or trying to do it, myself. I am a visual and kinaesthetic learner, and can copy and imitate. I do not consider copying and imitating art - it is subterfuge and camouflage. Depending on your goals, these skills are sufficient for communication. So, maybe communication is not the main goal.

Just to experience pleasure is a commendable mission in itself. Art allows one to work through complex (and shallow) emotions and thoughts. Ultimately however, art is in the eye of the beholder. It is personal, and every person will have their own interpretation of what an artwork ‘means’, and every person’s heartfelt interpretation is valid.

Nature is the original artist! It wields its evolutionary brush with impunity. Art separates us from machines at this stage, though I don’t doubt that they will eventually catch up; for what are we, if not evolved biological machines?

I think art is a great way of sharing knowledge. Since my background is in engineering, I wish it were used more in the STEM environment. It is an invaluable way of learning. From STEM to STEAM!

A Tidbit of Background